Our great-grandparents were important charcoal burners in the city of Barcelona. They sold coal for fireplaces and heaters. When our great-grandmother, Eudosia, asked our grandfather Isidro and his brother Josep what they wanted to be when they grew up, both agreed they wanted to be bakers. If they had to get dirty, they would rather change the black of the coal for the white of the flour.

And it was a great decision. Isidro and Josep were the first bakers in the family. They opened their first bakery in 1932 on the Sants neighbourhood (right on the corner of the Municipal Market) and on Collblanc.

Grandfather Isidro learned the trade from a baker friend from Almenar, Lleida, who taught him all the secrets of making sourdough bread. Secrets which today still remain one of our highest standards. His career, passion and hard work led him to become vice president of the Guild of Bakers of Barcelona for more than 35 years.

Together with two other bakers, one of them being Andreu Costafreda, founder of Panrico in 1956, Isidro moved to the new district of the Verneda to supply to Barcelona’s newcomers. With this came a new opening in Calle Alcala de Guadaira 21, the same place where EliasBoulanger’s central bakery and catering is still located.

From the legacy of our grandfather and our father we have made our history and we work every day to give you the best of us and our partners.

In 2007, we redefined our strategy setting our mission into making “varietals” breadfrom each crop area, with the specifications and organoleptic differences that each soil, climate and plant provide. We decided to secure the control of our own raw materials in order to guarantee, in a lasting way, the quality of the final product. In this regard, we control the complete cycle of our product ensuring its traceability: from seed selection to the delivery of the product to customers, including cultivation of wheat, flour elaborations. And, of course, we use artisan production methods in all of the phases.

It has been already three generations of people who love getting dirty with flour to offer all our knowledge and passion for bread!